Being Who You Are

Published March 5, 2012 by C. G. Sorrows

Another lesson is being learned right at this moment by me. There is a lot of pressure in erotica to conform to that which has been established by others, especially with the current undertow of censorship brought by Paypal.

I’ve been having some difficulty with a few of my projects, and I think that it can be traced to the “conformist” mentality. Regardless of the cost, we must each be who we are, so I have altered my forthcoming title list to reflect this fundamental truth. I love to write, but I must write in my own way. If I don’t do that, I’ll burn out and fade away, and the enjoyment of the task at hand will easily be lost. I really believe that the recent difficulties that I’ve been having regarding my in-progress titles can be traced to trying to force my imagination into the same box that houses everyone else.

I may never be as successful as Selena Kitt, J. A. Konrath, Amanda Hocking, Dean Wesley Smith, or any other indie author, but at the very least I can be myself, for better or worse.

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